3D LED Hologram Display

3D LED Hologram Display  According to different sizes, it can be divided into 50cm / 65cm / 100cm three specifications, of which 50 cm is divided into low-end and high-end versions. The main difference is that the high-end version adds a shield for LEDs and the high-end version with cloud control. The 65cm is divided into 65X (4 blades highlighted version) / 65 (2 blades) versions, the resolution is increased from the original 512p to 720P, while the 65X version has cloud control. In 100cm version, the brightness can reach 1200 cd/m2, and the highest resolution can reach 1024*1024.

No. SKU Diameter Brightness Resolution Screen size Wifi Cloud


1 HK-HA-50-WF-X/D/S 50CM 800 cd/㎡ 512*512 46.5×46.5cm
2 HK-HA-50H-WFC-X/D/S 50CM 800 cd/㎡ 512*512 46.5×46.5cm
3 HK-HA-65-WF-X/D/S 65CM 800 cd/㎡ 720*720 60×60cm
4 HK-HA-65X-WFC-X/D/S 65CM 1200 cd/㎡ 720*720 65×65cm
5 HK-HA-100-WF-X/D/S 100CM 1200 cd/㎡ 1024*1024 90×90cm