E-Poster- LED Easy Changeable Digital Poster

LED E Poster -Retail shops new advertising media, easy to operate, cost effective, eye-catcher.

P1.9mm P2.5mm HD image quality;
Refresh rate up to 3840Hz;
Brightness at 1200nits, 3 times brighter than LCD display;
160°view angle;
High color reproduction;
Compare with indoor LCD poster, with high brightness, super thin & low-power consumption,
EPoster is also suitable for bright occasion.

Synchronized / asynchronous system
Plug and play, Cross-platform operation

Free play at anytime, anywhere;Real time play by connecting to network;
The screen can be controlled with fixed or portable Windows,IOS & Android devices.The content can be refreshed and stored in built-in media player
through WIFI or USB to achieve asynchronous play.

Networking  integrated  management 

Play the video by connecting to WIFI, USB or HDMI;
Multi-screen cascade, unified playing and management;
After networking, it can push notification and control displays worldwide;

E POST- LED Easy Changeable Digital Poster Spec Sheet

Catalog Number Spec Sheet Size Pixel pitch(mm)
 HK-LED-EPI-2.5 Download 1920*480*35mm 2.5
 HK-LED-EPI-205 Download 1902×572×35mm 2.5

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