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Standalone Items LED Poster Screen

USB Standalone Indoor P 2.5 LED Poster Screen

Model No. HK-EP-C-P2.5
Pitch 2.5mm
Physical density 160000Pixels/㎡
Module size 160x160mm
Module resolution 64×64
LED type SMD2121
Drive mode  Standalone
Resolution  128x128pixels
Width 640mm
Height 1920mm
Depth 11mm
Cabinet color Black
Update method USB

Multi-Screen Items LED Poster Screen


can be used as a video wall surface connected via HDMI or wirelessly. Creative freedom with mirroring and extended mode.

Update your content with our built in media player via WiFi or USB. HDMI input and output allows external 3rd party software.

Wireless Multi-Screen
Link up to three together and stay connected via wireless connection.

Mirroring Mode

Show the content of on one display on other displays simultaneously via HDMI connection between each displays input and output.

Extended Mode
Split and show the same piece of content on multiple Digital Poster at the same time creating a large surface video display.

  • The thinnest frame thickness (9.3mm), screen display rate of 95.6%;
  • Internal aluminum plate design, precision structure, better heat dissipation, screen joints within the seam control the best competition products;
  • High-end control system, supports multiple formats of video and picture playback, video playback quality smooth and clear;
  • WIFI/3G/mobile phone APP/USB control playback;
    Multiple device network cables are cascaded and the debugging process is quick and simple;
  • One-man maintainable operation, low maintenance manpower and material costs;
  • The calibration data is stored in the module and the calibration data is restored 5 seconds after the module is replaced. Non-professionals can complete the operation.
No。  HK-LED-72EPI-2.5   HK-LED-80EPI-2.5   HK-LED-80EPI-1.9   HK-LED-89EPI-2.6   HK-LED-89EPI-1.9
Size 72 inch 80inch 89inch
P  mm 2.6 2.571 1.895 2.571 1.895
Display resolution 192*672 224*756 304*1026 448*756 608*1026
Dot density 129024 169344 311904 338688 623808
Perspective 160° / 160°
Brightness(cd/m2) >800
Refresh (Hz) 300~4000
Best viewing (m) 3~20 3~30 2~30 3~40 2~40
Average power (W/m2) 175 210 400
Maximum power(W/m2) 450 540 1050
Input port               Ethernet  / USB / WIFI
Module size(W×H) 96×96 112×84 152×114 112×84 152×114
Module size(W×H)/mm 250×250 288×216 288×216 288×216 288×216
Module size(W×H)/点 192×672 224×756 304×1026 448×756 608×1026
Module Display size(W×H)/mm 500×1750 576×1944 576×1944 1152×1944 1152×1944
Module size(W×H)/mm 520×1770 596×1964 596×1964 1172×1964 1172×1964
Contrast 9:32 9:16
weight(kg/m2) 28 36 36 80 80
Border width mm 10 10 10 10 10
Dimensions 520*1770 596*1964 596*1964 1172*1964 1172*1964
Frontal protection 3mmAcrylic glass 3mmAcrylic glass 3mmAcrylic glass / /
Driver chip SUM2033 SUM2033 SUM2033 SUM2033 SUM2033
Receiver card model  A5S  XC100  A5S  XC100  A5S
Receiving card quantity 2 3 4 6 12
power supply G-ENERGY JPS200PV5.0A9 MW HSP-300-5 MW HSP-300-5 MW HSP-300-5 MW HSP-300-5
Power supply quantity 3 2 2 4 4
HDMI input not support support support support support
HDMI output not support support support support support
Maintenance method Pre-maintenance/post-maintenance post-maintenance post-maintenance post-maintenance post-maintenance
Protection level IP 40
Operating temperature -10℃~40℃
Working humidity 10~90RH%
Certified CCC / CE / ETL /  FCC

Controlled via Mobile phone /Computer/ WiFi/USB driver

  • Free play at anytime, anywhere;Real time play by connecting to network;
    The Digital Poster can be controlled with Windows,Android devices.
  • The content can be refreshed and stored in built-in media player through WiFi or USB to achieve asynchronous play.
  • All device can operate via APP, change the content freely. Save file on phone, upload at 10 s.

Floor stand installation

Wall mounting installation

Computer Control software

LED Poster Display Repair

LED  Poster  Display

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