Development prospect of 3D holographic fan

The invention of a technology will bring about changes in an industry. As all of us see, the emergence of the 3D holographic fan not only brings about a feast of vision but also brings new changes to the whole industry.

With the development of lithium battery and the rise of electric vehicles, especially the rise of the Tesla brand, with the progress of capacitance touch technology, the market status of the integrated design and concept of the apple is the same. With the improvement of the video conversion technology, the 3D full fan with the concept of 3D Fan display and holographic is integrated. More market space:

  1. changes in the advertising industry

It has been said that Twenty-first Century will be the screen of the century, after the continuous update and generation, there are LCD LCD screens, LED LCD screens, LCD transparent screens, naked eye 3D LCD displays, LCD bar screens, and mirror screens that load touch screens and non-conductive glass.

However, all of the screens mentioned above rely heavily on hardware devices, and defects must be rendered with the help of hardware or IPS materials. There is an innate deficiency in brightness and portability. The appearance of hologram advertising is easy to carry and the maximum brightness can reach 1200cd/. This has been greatly improved. At the same time, it has achieved the advantages of high brightness, high pass rate, and portability.

2, changes in the leasing industry

Up to now, in the rental industry of the entire advertising equipment, the LED screen shows that it occupies about 55% of the market share, and LCD equipment occupies 23% of the market share. The transportation and installation of leasehold equipment, especially the maintenance and damage in the lease process of the equipment, plagued the development of the whole industry.

From the cost of the rental industry, the conventional display equipment, once damaged and maintained, will have a real effect for the difference in the batches of the LED panel and the difference in the brand. The obvious difference. 3D holographic fans, whether in single player or online mode splicing. Its unprecedented 3D holographic effect through rotation is enough to become a clear current in the rental industry of commercial display equipment.

  1. changes in the performance industry

In March 2018, a lively 3D hologram concert was held. The concert lasted 2 hours. Nearly perfect the fusion of acoustic and optoelectronic, whether it is the 3D projection of Teresa Teng and Bruce Lee, or the shock effect of the 7D playback station, each technological innovation has the most sensitive impact on the performance industry. With the continuous recognition of 3D holographic products, 3D holographic display products will gradually extend to various performance occasions.


At present, in the year of the 2018 3D holographic fan equipment, although there were many poor and cheap products in the whole market, we have reason to believe that, with the continuous understanding of the products and the continuous development of technology, the final products will eventually be eliminated, excellent 3D holographic display equipment. It will certainly shine in the near future