Flexible LED Display Tile Modules

Creativity of bending or folding a video display or wall has not longer constraints in realization by traditional solid LED display tiles, on the flexible tiles modules fancy ideas of special shaped have basic elements to trial. Made in a thinner PCB, it les can bend the LED display module panels in convex or concave to make curved screens to create more three-dimensional display effect and visual experience.

Full Color Flexible LED Display Screen Panel

Three different series of Flexible LED display modules are available for different cases. Indoor Flex LED Modules in bared PCB, or with Silicon Gasket, both used for indoor, and a new and patented designed outdoor flex LED display tile with high brightness and IP65 waterproof rated fit for more demanding applications.

M-F Series

Flexible Indoor Full Color SMD LED Module

SMD LEDs fixed on bared flexible PCB, used for LED display screen that has curve or ribbon. Fixed via screws or magnets, configure proper metal structure, it’s be able to shape convex or concave curved LED display screens, usually be seen in indoor Cylinder LED display screens.

M-SF Series

Silicon flexible Indoor Full Color SMD LED Module

Flexible PCB module with silicon gasket attached, add on flatness during installation. This indoor Flex LED Display tile is made with an gasket attached, and the magnet and screw holes are inside the gasket. With the support of the gasket, it can avoid excessive bending of the PCB which will damage the electrical circuit inside the PCB layer.

M-WF Series

Outdoor Silicon Flexible Full Color SMD LED Module

Innovative design, complete  waterproof flexible modules designed to fit the increasing need for outdoor modeling of screen.  Both the frontside and backside of the Flex LED Panel are covered with silicon gel, and the gaskets are specially designed with all the data and power interfaces are locked with an cover which can protect from splash water. And the outdoor Flex LED display tiles are made with high brightness LEDs that reach up to 4000 cd/m or more that fit for outdoor be able to be seen in daylight time and under sunlight.

Flexible LED Display Modules Features

High Resolution

High resolution with fine pixel pitch could be a feature to curved display or videowall, this is allowed by HUAKE’s flexible modules. Pitch options are as 1.8mm, 2.0mm 2.5mm, 3.2mm, 3.8mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm or 8mm.

Diverse Sizes

The modules are in standard sizes, but it could be customized to meet the needs for creative designs. The Circular, Sphere and irregular shape LED display screens, have to customize the shape and size of the panel to complete.

Adaptable to Designs

To large or small curvature in convex or concave. The large video screen wall or display shape are made with many single LED display modules with a steel structure. The LED display tiles are fixed along the structure to shape the complete screen look.

Quick installation

Each single module is designed for either front or rear access maintenance. The Flexible Modules comes with the screw holes that allows to be able to fixed by screws or by magnets. By screws that need to drill holes on the structures, to fix it from the behind, while by magnets, the modules are adhered onto the structure from front.

Accessible in front and/or rear maintenance

Magnetic mounting allows quick installation, along with screw ports set on the board, attachment could be good to any sort of surface and stable. Smart installation options provide flexibility on variant projects.

Mountable Metal Frames

To custom frames according to your unique idea of overall structure, on them HUAKE’s flexible LED modules could be quickly and easily attached via the magnets, that is it for accomplishing of any of the creative LED display or videowall.

Flexible LED Display Screen Panel Gallery