The LED Sphere Display for Chain Store

Brand chain stores, each chain store provides ready-made advertising space for chain brands. Standardize the management of in-store advertising screens, form a unified and recognizable brand image, enhance brand awareness, and achieve greater commercial value.

The LED spherical screen is unique in shape, with built-in NOVASTAR/MOONCELL multimedia playback box, which can be directly managed in the cloud platform through the multimedia information publishing system, update content in real time, achieve highly unified and efficient management, and greatly save labor costs.

Globe LED Display Stands Out from Regular

The global LED display is different from the traditional LED display screen, with a unique 360-degree spherical appearance, it enables your brand stands out due to its unique look and visibility in any direction.

Power Connection of Sphere LED Display

With built in power suppies, the sphere is standard 110v/220v power connection. Most of the Digital Spheres are capable of utilizing standard outlet or electrical circuit for the sphere display. From LED sphere, we will provide one or two cable for power connection, to run to standard outlet or electrical circuit.

Customs Sphere LED Display

The LED spherical screen uses indoor P2.5 full-color custom flexible LED modules, and the PCB board uses a trapezoidal, traiangle and circular design to achieve seamless splicing and 360-degree viewing.

Floor Mount or Suspended Sphere Mounting

The 1Meter LED sphere display which is made and shipped as a complete sphere, mounting this small diameter LED digital video sphere is quick and easy with either Suspension or Base Supported.

  • Suspension Mounting :  we provide the LED sphere the north pole a small circular open without LEDs, and in the open the middle there is a hook that allow you to suspend the sphere with a Chain, Cable etc.The internal frame structure is designed sturdy enough to accommodate suspension mount applications.
  • Base Mounting : The sphere is transported with a supported base, the base with the pipe will run through the sphere from the bottom out and support the sphere with the internal structure. At the South pole position, the center circular left with no LED module, while the top has.

There are more mounting ways, depends on your creatively thoughts.

LED Ball Display Shipping

The small digital sphere display is shipped as a complete ball, which is packed  with sturdy wooden crating solution, filled and wrapped the ball surface with soft pearl cotton, while bottom with a supported base that fixed on crate bottom pallet which ensures safe travel and delivery to your destination. Once you are ready to install or test the sphere screen, you will remove the side and top to access the sphere.

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