Indoor Wall Mount LCD Display

LCD digital signage is divided into floor-standing advertising display, wall-mounted advertising display, and horizontal display. The wall-mounted advertising display is the longest common, of course, he can also match the relevant floor stand and hanging beam accessories to achieve the desired effect.

The LCD advertising display solution includes both stand-alone and network versions, and we can offer a wide range of wall-mounted advertising machines from 10.1-inch to 86-inch in airports, hotels, churches, restaurants, conference rooms, schools, and stations.

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LCD Ad Player Display Size

Wall-mounted LCD digital signage We can provide New mainstream brand LCD screen from 10.1 inches to 86 inch full-size styles, the highest resolution is up to 1920*1080P, 3840*2160P (4K), the color can be customized black, white, silver gray.

Digital Display Solution

The digital signage solution includes a stand-alone version, a network version, and the network version includes Android and Windows systems and comes with a multimedia information distribution system for LAN and WAN applications.

Digital Signage Accessories

According to the customer’s needs, you can choose the appropriate accessories and brackets for easy installation and use. You can also expand the functions according to customer needs, including camera, touch, infrared sensor and other services.

Digital Signage Screen Sizes

The sizes of 21.5 inch, 43 inch and 55 inch are the most popular and mainstream, with perfect 16:9 ratio and 1920*1080 resolution.

32 inch Digital Display Screen

43 inch Wall Mount Digital Signage

55 inch LCD Commercial Display

Size Resolution ratio Power Display size(mm) Packing(mm) Appearance
15.6 1920*1080 24v/50w 343*193 450*310*130 15.6 inch wall mounted LCD Display
18.5 1366*768 24v/60w 409.8*230.4 608*410*130 18.5 inch wall mounted LCD Display
21.5 1680*1050 24v/80w 476.0*267.8 608*410*130 21.5 inch wall mounted LCD Display
23.6 1366*768 24v/80w 521*293 653*435*130 23.6 inch wall mounted LCD Display
27 1920*1080 24v/100w 599*337 725*490*130 27 inch wall mounted LCD Display
32 1920*1080 24v/100w 697.7*392.3 832*555*150 32 inch wall mounted LCD Display
43 1920*1080 24v/120w 941.2*529.4 1080*695*180 43 inch wall mounted LCD Display
49 1920*1080 24v/140w 1073.78 *604 1244*785*180 49 inch wall mounted LCD Display
55 1920*1080 24v/160w 1209.6*680.4 1360*855*180 55 inch wall mounted LCD Display
65 1920*1080 24v/180w 1428.5*803.5 1578*975*180 65 inch wall mounted LCD Display

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