Rental LED Display Screens for Stage

The rental series LED display screen is a creative display solution with intelligent LED module & System for indoor installation, high quality seamless connection, support front and rear service, high visual performance, multiple choices of installation applying for widely commercial led display.

The new LED display screen rentals have so many nice features that makes it an ideal product for stage and event screen need.

  • is supported dual service with front and rear maintenance,
  • as well as visualized back cover design without any tools for LED panel,
  • plug in-out deisgn to release power supply,
  • fast lock at side,

All these designs makes LED panel installation can be assemble and disassemble easily and quickly.

Improved Design in Rental Display Cabinet

The improved new design in the screen cabinet step closer for a quick half hour setup and simplicity of use and on the move consistency, it saves time and manpower for setting up the stage for the show, and finally get higher economic benefits.

High Resolution and High Quality LED Display Rentals

With pixel pitch options  1.9/2.6/2.9/3.9 mm,  ≥800cd/sqm brightness, our LED rental screen in high resolution and high quality can give a fantastic viewing experience for the show and event.

Light Weight LED Display Rental

The weight of a single box of the Rental LED screen is about 6.5kgs, and the weight per square meter is about 26kgs, which makes the installation of the large screen easier and more operable. More creative stage backgrounds can be designed and produced.

Smart and Flexible

According to the progress of the stage performance, the background screen of the stage can be quickly switched in real time, so that the audience has a more immersive viewing experience.

Worth the Investment

LED video screen rental is one of the fastest growing areas in the live production and event industries. LED video screens are widely used on any sort of speaking events, trade sows, conferences, concerts, weddings, any event where you would like to show some sort of video content. With both indoor and outdoor screens of all sizes, we have something for everyone.

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