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What is a 3d holographic fan?

The 3D fan is a rotating LED strip. The basic logic is to convert the content you want to display, including images and videos, into a dot matrix through our software, and then rotate the dot matrix light to a visible image or video. Because most of the time the original video has a 3D effect, the rendered effect also has the 3D effect of the original video, and his effect is presented in the air, so people also call it a 3D holographic advertising machine or a 3D holographic fan.

What are the specifications for 3D holographic fans?

According to the diameter of the product, the diameter of the product is 43cm, 50cm, 65cm and 100cm. Depending on the product uploading method, the product is divided into stand-alone version, WiFi Hot-spot control version and cloud control version, among which stand-alone version and wifi hotspot control The version is most liked by everyone. The more popular sizes are 43cm,50cm,65cm,100cm

How do 3D holographic fan control and upload product material?

 Stand-alone version: Through the software on the computer side, the creative that needs to be uploaded is processed, converted into a machine. It can be another .bin format file, and then imported into the sd Card, the memory card can be inserted into the interface of the machine, and then played.

@The advantage is that it is simple and easy to operate.

@The disadvantage is that the receiving card needs to be inserted and removed every time, which is not good for product life.

The WiFi hot-spot control version. Through the mobile phone or computer software, enter the password and account to connect to the wifi hotspot generated by the machine itself, and control the machine. You can set the time and number of times the machine plays. Feel free to add pictures and videos from your local computer and mobile phone for playback.

@The advantage is that you can control without touching the machine.

@The disadvantage is that because the control is controlled by the hotspot generated by the machine, the effective control distance between the mobile phone and the computer terminal is only 10-20cm.

The cloud control version. The basic process is to connect the machine to the Internet and then control it through a unified control background.

@The Advantages Remote control of the update and management of multiple machines without distance limitations.

@The disadvantage is that the cloud platform is charged annually, and the machine needs to be re-set once the machine’s networking status changes.

4.Is there a product picture or demo video?

yes,Of course, the following link is our product demonstration and explanation on the youtube website, please pay attention to our account, we will continue to update and supplement in the future.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXXh7Rc7LIHqg2AgcDIyJwA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/360digitalsignage

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