All-in-One Video Conference LED Display System

Available in size: 108”, 135”, 162”

A touchscreen whiteboard built for the modern workspace, with High Definition LED Screen.
To drive your business better and to be more successful, that’s what it is all about. 

Intelligent conference all-in-one machine
Ultra-narrow design, full HD, LED display panel,  high stability, and rich interfaces.

The HD series smart conference all-in-one machine is a set of full-featured multi-screen interactive devices used for push, wireless screen transfer, and control of mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Large Display Area Smart LED Conference Screen

Size Option: 108”, 135”, 162”

Pixel pitch option:


Front service allow speed maintenance

The LED display panel are adhere on the cabinet via magnets,

using a sucking device can get the module down easily,

so can fix the LED display screen from front.

Super Slim

The meeting room body is less than 30mm thick, around 28mm.

Take small space to install when fix it onto conference room wall,

integrated into the ambient well.

All-in-One Video LED Conference System

The conference touch all-in-one machine integrates a computer,

a player, a speaker, an electronic whiteboard, a projector,

an advertising machine, etc., to achieve a real multi-purpose machine.

Built-in All-in-one integration technology,

audio and video integration design makes the system simple.

4K UHD Resolution

Support 4K Ultra HD resolution, brilliant colors,

bring you an extraordinary visual experience

Full channel annotation and gesture function

The conference touch all-in-one machine supports

full-channel annotation function, built-in free whiteboard software,

and supports multiple gesture touch functions

Wireless projection function

The conference touch all-in-one machine adopts advanced

5G screen projection technology, which can quickly

send the images of mobile phones, IPAD, and notebooks

to the conference screen, and can simultaneously mirror the screen

and support background push

Android, PC dual system

The LED conference touch all-in-one video system

supports Android and Windows systems, and can seamlessly switch

between the two systems, making the application

more flexible and convenient to use.

Remote video conference

The LED screen conference touch all-in-one machine

has built-in video conferencing software, which makes

video conferencing so simple, and it is close to

the distance of the horizon in an instant

Precise Craft Process

The all-in-one meeting room LED Display solution

adopts aluminum alloy metal frame, frame and cabinet are stamped by the mold, very robust.