LED Display Projects & LCD Display Projects

Rental LED Display Screens

LED Video Wall Display Screens for Rent, are usually used for temporary events, like Wedding, Concert, Conference, etc,. The rental LED displays needs to be quick and simple assembiling, in lightweight and easy for transportation,  and able to product high definition videos and images.

Large Outdoor Digital LED Display Billboard

The outdoor LED Billboard need to be weatherproof and has high brightness capabilities. Usually it’s in large scale. The Outdoor LED Display need to withstand extreme temperatures and will not break due to excess rain or influence of other elements.

Outdoor Digital LED Video Wall

Outdoor LED Video Wall equipped with P4 waterproof LED display screen

Indoor LED Display Screen

Indoor LED Display Screens for corperate for multi-media conference

LED Sphere Display for Chain Store

The sphere LED display for its unique visual effects, which is attractive than normal LED screens are widely used for commercial advertising or in exhibitions.

Circular LED Ticker

The circular LED ticker displays producing scrolling message (texts, images, videos) not only creates a good sense of satisfaction and awe in the mind of the viewers.

Transparent LED Glass Curtain for Building Glass Facade

Transparent LED screen behind glass wall as media facade, indoor rated but with high transparency rate and brightness.

Transparent LED Screen for Store Glass Window

Frameless Large Display Area Transparent LED screen for Luxury Store Front French Window

Outdoor LED Sign by Roadside

Outdoor LED signboard by road side for information direction.

LCD Video Wall in Drone Delivery Canada

5×4 total 22pcs 55” LCD Video Wall screens working as in-time information monitor.

High Definition LED Display for TV Studio

Fine Pixel Pitch p1.58 LED display screens for TV studio.

Outdoor Cola Cans LED Display for Sports

Outdoor Cola Cans LED Display for LED Sports Display