Video Wall Processor

Video Wall Processor is a full hardware DISP architecture products ,with a flexible modular design,input and output card board with flexible,it can support input of interfaces and signal source . in addition to standard features ,there are matching features,such as pre-monitoring,echo function,input and output characters display with superimposed

• Full hardware architecture, no CPU and operating system;
• Multi-bus parallel processing, handling and powerful;
• Start-up time of less than 8 seconds, start quickly;
• No risk of virus infection, good security;
• Integrated multi-channel video signal source types: DVI, HDMI, composite video, VGA;
• Composite video loop out;
• Embedded 3D video bright separation circuit unit;
• Embedded 3D progressive normalization process and frame rate conversion circuit unit;
• Embedded 3D digital signal noise reduction unit;
• Unit supports drive to 1920X1080 LCD screen;
• RS232 serial remote control; each unit supports two-way RS232 ring out;
• Can continue to work 24 hours a day;
• Easy to operate, with FTM_CONTROL software can flexibly operate the system;
• It can open the underlying communication protocol,user-friendly and flexible usethird-party control system;
• Or prepare their own software system constructed large-screen project.