The effect that LED display can show in the stage background and special effects has been more and more optimistic and used by the directors. The application of super-large LED display screen special effects in major events, the shocking effect of large scenes and large pictures makes the actors on and off the stage integrate with the audience, making the audience immersive.
The television studio industry is one of the industries with the fastest development of information technology, in which a large number of digital signal screens applications are characteristic of the broadcasting industry.

Efficient disassembly and assembly, cost saving

The LED stage rental display screen adopts a special lock design, the screen cabinet is light and the cable is simple, which makes the LED screen construction fast and efficient. Greatly save labor and time costs.


Breaking through the noise to capture the attention of your audience is one of the most important ways to create an impactful, unforgettable conference experience. LED video walls for forum or conference  can attract attention and increase interaction while serving to reinforce your message. They are also easy to see for members of your atendees anywhere in the room.

Dynamic Events

The LED rental display screens produce bright colors and bright images can provide stunning visual effects; quickly change the content of advertisements, monitor the operation of the screen in real time; meet the connection of different video signals Enter, play videos, pictures and other content at will, and play various information in a real-time, synchronous and clear information dissemination method.

Strong stability and good visual effect

A reliable display system guarantees long, uninterrupted operation. 24bit color processing and HDR technology can maximize the reproduction ability of picture color. High refresh rate, reduce moiré, and meet the shooting needs of various angles of the camera.

Unique structure, creative splicing

Modular construction supports inner and outer arc splicing, hoisting, seat installation and canopy installation, making the stage more creative and visually impactful.


  • UHD LED video display solutions with fine pixel pitch like P2, P1.875, P1.56, P1.25, P0.93, the smaller the pixel pitch the high resolution the large screen have, with high refresh rate and improved color and view angle, enables to give the high quality display experience
  • Rental LED display solutions consist of indoor and outdoor rental LED displays. The Cabinet of Retal LED screen is regularlly in size 500×500 or 500×1000, with fast lock and plug and play cables and wires, makes to set up a stage LED display for indoor or outdoor much easier, the same as to quickly remove one after event ending.
  • Custom LED screen solutions can be seen as any project outside of your normal display installations. Any creative thought transformed to LED displays that embody your creative concepts, bold look  and help to stand up and highly engaged from your audience.


Creative and Innovative LED Solutions

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