M-ID Series Indoor LED Display Module is designed for indoor installation in Branding, Advertising, and Retail applications. It is equally suited for fixed installation in a museum, theater, house worship, indoor stadium, casino, etc.


M-ID Series Indoor LED Panels LED Display Modules

High-quality black LEDs with a black mask, contrast up to 3000:1, make the picture more clear, delicate and bright. Lower power consumption, low noise, low radiation, can be embedded into/stick the wall, the thickness of only 8cm to make your space more spacious. The highly modular design could make a LED video wall as big as possible no any size limitation, bigger display area, wider view angle.

*Modular digital display technology
*Clear and vivid images, perfect video performance, wide viewing angle
*Light and slim design*Plug & play display assembled
*Fixed with magnet and screws
*Seamless design improves the display quality