Adhesive Transparent LED Film



Self-adhesive Film which paste on the existing railing glass or window without frames or other gaps.
The easier installation saves labor costs, and the wiring of power and signals is also very easy and can be hidden naturally.
It adds a rich visual experience, a great innovation to the glass.


Invisible PCB or Mesh technology comes with up to 95% transparency. At first glance, you do not see any wires between the LED modules.
When the LED film is on, the played video can delivers various information effectively by attracting the attention of passersby. Importantly, things behind the glass are still visible.


The Adhesive LED Film is Ultra-thin and ultra-light, with thickness of the LED film is only 2.5 mm,
the maximum sheet size is 1000 x 400 mm, weight 1.3 kg.
Fine material is very flexible, can be adapted to both flat and curved glass
This gives designers more scope of application and broadens their application occasions.


The transparent LED Film can be expanded by adding more films in a vertical or horizontal way,
and it can cut or customize to sizes for meet size requirement or specail glass shapes such as triangles.


The LED Film with pixel pitch range from 6.25mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm, the brightness in 2000nits makes indoor viewing very clear.
If attached to a glass window or wall facing the street outside, we can provide the film with 4000nits brightness which would be enough to attracts the attention of passersby while displaying a wide range of colors.

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Store product display: Transparent LED displays can be used to display store product information and promotional information to attract customers’ attention.

Branding: Stores can use transparent LED displays to promote brand image and culture and enhance brand influence.

Event promotion: Stores can use transparent LED displays to promote various activities, such as new product launches, discounts and promotions. In addition, this solution can also realize real-time update of information and improve the timeliness of store information. At the same time, it can also greatly improve the visual beauty and brand image of the store, making the store more attractive and modern.


In shopping malls, transparent LED displays can be applied to the glass guardrails of shopping malls to attract customers’ attention and improve the brand image of shopping malls. We propose an application scheme of transparent LED display in the glass guardrail of shopping malls. The solution uses transparent LED displays installed on the glass guardrail of the shopping mall, so that the shopping mall can display advertising information and attract customers’ attention without occupying a large area of space.

Event promotion: Shopping malls can use transparent LED displays to promote various activities, such as new product launches, brand displays, etc.

Shopping mall advertising: The transparent LED display can be used to display the advertising information of the shopping mall, including the latest discount information, brand promotion, etc.

Navigation instructions: The mall can display the map and related information of the mall on the transparent LED display to facilitate customers’ navigation and visit.


In the escalator, the transparent LED display can be used to display various information and advertisements, so that passengers can more easily understand the elevator information and obtain useful information during the elevator ride. We propose an application scheme of transparent LED display in escalator. The solution adopts a transparent LED display installed on the elevator handrail, so that passengers can obtain useful information without affecting the transparency of the elevator.

Elevator running status display: The transparent LED display can be used to display the running status of the elevator, such as running speed, current floor, parking floor and other information.

Ad display: The transparent LED display can be used to broadcast advertisements, such as business advertisements on the floor where the elevator is located or related social public service advertisements.

Other information display: The transparent LED display can also be used to display other information, such as weather forecast, clock, etc.