LED Video Panels Module

LED Video Panels mainly consists of a led display module, a screen bracket, a receiving card motherboard and a power supply. Among them, the quality and performance of the display module ultimately determine the quality of the LED Video panels.

LED Display Modules often referred to as LED video panels modules, dot matrix led display module is the main component of LED Display Screen and LED Video Wall.

LED Display Modules are usually divided into indoor LED display modules, outdoor LED display modules, and flexible LED display modules according to the environment and product characteristics used.

The indoor and outdoor LED Display Modules we refer to here are Dot Matrix led display modules based on mainstream SMD chip technology. They are characterized by high brightness, high gray level and high refresh rate, and are widely used in the commercial display industry.

HUAKE®| Indoor LED Module

Indoor LED Video Panels module is divided into small pixel pitch LED (P1.25, P1.56, P1.667, P 1.875, 1.904, 1.923, P2) and conventional spacing: P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, p10. The most popular LED video panel is the P4 LED video panels.

HUAKE®| Outdoor LED Module

Outdoor LED Video panels with waterproof, High Brightness Characteristics, generally with long-range vision, the common LED spacing is: P4, P5, P6, P6.67.P8 and P10. The most popular outdoor LED Video Panels Module is the P10 LED video Panels.

HUAKE®| Flexible LED Module

Flexible LED video panels module has perfect plasticity and modeling characteristics, specifications mainly include: P2, P2.5, P3.P4.P5 Flexible LED display module. The most common shapes are wavy and spherical.

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Full-color Indoor LED Display Module

Indoor full-color LED display: Full-color is also known as the three primary colors: red, green, blue three primary colors constitute the smallest display unit. It is consistent with the working principle of computer monitors. It can restore the true color red, green, blue, 256 gray levels each to form 16.7 (million) colors, and can display colorful dynamic images in real time.

According to the center distance between the module beads, indoor LED display is generally divided into conventional module and small-space led module. The LED display panel with less than 2 mm spacing between the LED beads is called a small spacing LED display panel, and the LED module with more than 2 mm spacing between the LED beads is a conventional LED display module.

According to the lamp bead spacing and viewing distance of the LED display module, we generally divide the indoor fixed into two series:

M-HD Series Indoor LED Module: P1.25 LED Module/P1.56 LED Module/P1.667 LED Module/P1.875 LED Module/P1.904 LED Module/1.923 LED Module/P2.0 LED Module

M-ID Series Indoor LED Module:P2.5 LED Module/P2.976 LED Module P3 LED Module/P3.067 LED Module P3.91 LED Module/P4 LED Module P4.81 LED Module/P5 LED Module P6 LED Module/P7.62 LED Module/P10 LED Module

According to the purpose of use, indoor LED Display modules and screens are also divided into rental LED display and fixed LED display. Among them, in order to facilitate the installation and use of rental module specifications and sizes are in accordance with the specifications of 250mm * 250mm production. eg:P2.976/P3.91/p4.81 LED Display Module

RGB Outdoor LED Display Module

* High assembling density, small volume and light weight of electronic products.
* High reliability and strong vibration resistance. Solder joint defect rate is low.
* High frequency characteristics. Reduced electromagnetic and RF interference.
* Fully automated production with stable quality.

Outdoor LED Video Panels has the characteristics of high brightness, waterproof and other features, waterproof level can reach IP 65 level. The brightness is generally 4500 Units. It can be divided into rental LED display and fixed installation according to the use. The box material can be made of iron or die cast aluminum. If the use of semi-outdoor environment, fixed installation of the box can be a simple sticker box, not waterproof but relative to the design will have great flexibility.

There are two common processes for outdoor LED display, one is direct insertion process (DIP), the other is surface mounting process (SMD). SMD mounting components are generally machine-wide automatic mounting products, poor rate is very low, by contrast, DIP packaging product performance is not comparable to SMD components. SMD LED Display Module hs code:85299090

Our Supply SMD Outdoor RGB dot matrix LED Display Modules HK M-OD Series:
P3.91 LED Module/P4 LED Module/P4.81LED Module/P5 LED Module/P5.95 LED Module/P6 LED Module/P6.67 LED Module/P8 LED Module/P8 LED Module/P10 LED Module .

For outdoor Rental LED displays, P P3.91/P4.81/5.95 LED Display Module with dimensions of 250*250mm, which is commonly used for standard outdoor rental LED displays

Flexible LED Video Wall Module

* Premium LED Chips
* Strong Magnetic Cyc-linder design
* High Grey-level & refreshed IC
* High-end Capacitor Component
* Bending and Molding

Flexible LED Screen: P2.5/3/4/5/6/8.suitable for stage design, exhibition hall design counter design, high-definition picture is soft and strong, it can be used synchronous and asynchronous release system, module installation is easy to move.flexible led stage screens.Special shape, spherical design is more prominent.

HUAKE®| LED DISPLAY Module Related Products

HUAKE®| Wall

Indoor Digital Signage Industrial designed for long hours of playing.Automatically generating playing list/Mixed displaying of videos,images.Available size:  43″ 49″ 55″ 65″

HUAKE®| Touch

Indoor Digital Signage Industrial designed for long hours of playing.Automatically generating playing list/Mixed displaying of videos,images.Available size:  43″49″55″65″

HUAKE®| Floor

Indoor Digital Signage Industrial designed for long hours of playing.Automatically generating playing list/Mixed displaying of videos,images.Available size:  43″49″55″65″

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