The modern architectural design is constantly combining the characteristics and advantages of full-color LED screens in the process of development. In the process of inspection and design, we strive to achieve the ideal effect by using the optimal combination of the two.  Creative LED video display solutions with the capability to transform almost any indoor or outdoor surface—domes, ceilings, floors, corners, angles, and more—into a digital façade, the scientific and reasonable design and application of LED display technology to the greatest extent can turn imagination into real,  maximize the presentation of its architectural functions and quality, and ensure that the full-color LED screen technology achieves better development and greater benefits.

Achieve city landmark

On the basis of architecture or landscape, combined with the basic elements and symbols of architecture, seek the best visual language, from the perspective of art and aesthetics, make the LED display elements and architecture perfectly integrate and further beautify and upgrade, realize value sublimation, and achieve urban landmarks

Show individual culture

Each creative LED display project will form an exclusive customized plan, using metaphorical exaggeration techniques and gorgeous video effects to visualize abstract ideas and cultures, and visually display them through new media technology, fully demonstrating individual cultural characteristics.

Gather popularity

The creative and magnificent LED display screen project, combined with the unique architecture, is bound to attract more attention, attracting the masses of people to gather here, bringing unlimited business opportunities.

 Creative Display

In a narrow sense, creative display is the creative application of LED display in commercial, tourism, and cultural real estate projects.
To put it simply, according to the overall design style of the building, a product form that conforms to its function and use is made, so as to highlight the aesthetics of the building and the deep meaning of culture.


  • Indoor LED video display solutions can consist of storefront window displays, moveable poster displays, goods shelves bar screen display and interactive LED/LCD digital displays. To attact a customer passing the store door or just entering the store, a fascinating digital experience can significantly impact them and help to creating an unforgettable first impression.
  • Outdoor LED display solutions consist of store Logo signboard, outdoor poster, advertising displays, street signage, and large billboards, all those are typical ways to attract attention and drive traffic into the store. Complete weatherproof LED display screens are perfect to achieve the purpose of acquiring customers
  • Custom LED screen solutions can be seen as any project outside of your normal display installations. Any creative thought transformed to LED displays that embody your brand concept, product style and help to stand up yourself from competitors.


Many modern large-scale buildings are equipped with glass curtain walls. Corresponding LED display screens are set up on the inside and outside of the glass curtain walls according to customer needs. Through the characteristics of full-color LED large screen products, different delicate, high-quality and brightly colored images are displayed. , combined with the diversity of modern multimedia technology, through a variety of methods to effectively meet different uses, dynamic presentation of graphic animation information.


At present, the demand for personalization and trendiness in the terminal market is rapidly rising. The terminal customers in the LED display market are getting younger and younger, and their “hobbies” are more about “the circle and segmentation of needs”.
At present, LED display has become an important way to show culture and personality in various scenes of the city.
With the continuous improvement and updating of LED display technology, products and solutions, its application innovation is also more and more emerging.

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