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Sphere LED Display ( Full Color LED ball,Sphere LED Screen) is a kind of creative LED display. In terms of shape characteristics, we generally divide into hemispherical and orthospherical. From the perspective of display, we can divide it. Displayed for inner arc Sphere LED Display and outer arc Sphere LED Display.

The LED Spherical Display is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Generally speaking, the indoor full-color spherical screen has a pixel pitch of 2mm (P2), 2.5mm (P2.5), 3mm (P3), 4mm (P4). Outdoor full color The pixel screen has a pixel pitch of >6mm (P6).Through the 3D Spherical LED display, we can easily associate with the Circular LED display, but in fact, the generation process of the spherical LED display will be more difficult.

Hemispherical LED Display

Indoor Sphere Display Screen

Outdoor Sphere LED Ball

Display characteristics of Spherical LED Display

The LED Display is more perfect and softer
How to design a spherical screen structure, generally, roughly has a watermelon skin shape (best solution), a hexagon (similar to football), a triangle (similar to a satellite). Why is the best solution for a spherical screen in the shape of a watermelon skin? Because either a hexagonal or triangular solution produces more display angle differences. Therefore, this LED display scheme presents the best results.

More flexible fundamental design
In addition to the illumination angle of the entire LED display, for the overall weight and heat treatment, because the display screen of the same latitude of the shape of the watermelon skin is uniform, its power supply and heat dissipation direction can be more smooth.

How to define a Spherical LED Display

  • we need to determine is the scene we apply, that is, indoor or outdoor.
  • what kind of shape we are going to make, whether it is a hemisphere or an entire sphere, and what is the diameter of the spherical LED display.
  • we need to determine what effect we need for this spherical LED display. Including how we need to install, display the position and display effect (such as the spherical LED display used in the lobby, viewing the viewing distance is about 5m, etc.)
  • Stage LED Display,Spherical LED display installation, floor mounting, suspension mounting, flush mounting, etc
  • LED ball painting shows the display effect of the entire sphere, the effect of the sub-area display, and sometimes the screen stabilizer is required for the dome position of the hemisphere display, in order to achieve the best display effect.

The LED Display Module Size of Sphere LED Display

Sphere LED Screen

To customize the LED screen you need, you need to pay attention to the following points:
1: Regardless of the change in the diameter or the difference in pixel pitch, we need to redesign and develop new modules to complete.
2: Usually, a complete custom led spherical screen requires 10-30 modules, and each one requires an additional payment module development cost, so purchasing the existing version is the most economical solution.
3: In addition, for the selection of the brand of lamp beads, control system control, and other details. We will communicate with you in detail.

Our advantage for Spherical LED Displays

Sphere LED Display

In most cases, Moulding Cost is huge because this process is the most important part of the entire project. Because we have a lot of experience in production and construction, there are some specific styles we can provide a complete Moulding Cost, which will save you a lot of time and money.

Sphere LED Display Screen Price

A Complete Sphere LED Display/LED Ball/ Sphere LED Screen inquiry Need to show:

  • Indoor or Outdoor  application
  • What is the diameter of the spherical LED screen? Or you can tell us the line of sight you need. Such as 5m, 3m, etc.

If you can provide relevant hand-painting or design solutions, the overall project progress can be increased by more than 30%.

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