As the competition between the retail industry and hotels intensifies, LED displays are becoming more and more promising and used in these fields.
LED display can provide you with a unique and visual way to spread your brand and attract more target audiences. The fast-paced nature of retail and hospitality places higher demands on brand communication technology. With digital signage and LED display technology, all you need is an internet connection to update your digital media strategy whenever you need it.

Personalized design

In retail and hospitality, expressing individuality is key. Each digital LED screen projects is created with the client’s unique perspective and audience. By working with architects, designers, engineers, A/V integrators and consultants, we can bring LED display technology to any place and any environment.

The most competitive LED display solution

For retail and hospitality, creating unique customer experiences is a major channel for attracting customers and increasing revenue. LED digital displays can help you increase traffic, attract more target audiences and strengthen your brand image. HuaKe’s goal is to help customers design the most competitive LED display solutions.

Integrated digital broadcast control

The store retail LED screen solution is equipped with powerful control system (Novastar, Mooncell etc.), which realizes the “one-key control multi-screen” function through advanced cloud technology. Significant cost savings for retailers, hotels and other businesses.

Intelligent information exchange equipment

With the development and promotion of information technology, the development model of the hotel industry tends to be multi-functional, such as conferences, catering, exhibitions, weddings and other multi-functional hotels. Such hotels are not only mature in operation, professional and complete in hardware facilities, but also With the reception capacity of conferences and banquets.
The application scenario of LED display in hotels is not only to meet the needs of customers for the use of hotel display terminals, but also to improve the image and popularity of the hotel through high-definition large screens, increase the source of tourists for the hotel, and bring greater benefits. economic benefits.


  • Indoor LED video display solutions can consist of storefront window displays, moveable poster displays, goods shelves bar screen display and interactive LED/LCD digital displays. To attact a customer passing the store door or just entering the store, a fascinating digital experience can significantly impact them and help to creating an unforgettable first impression.
  • Outdoor LED display solutions consist of store Logo signboard, outdoor poster, advertising displays, street signage, and large billboards, all those are typical ways to attract attention and drive traffic into the store. Complete weatherproof LED display screens are perfect to achieve the purpose of acquiring customers
  • Custom LED screen solutions can be seen as any project outside of your normal display installations. Any creative thought transformed to LED displays that embody your brand concept, product style and help to stand up yourself from competitors.



An LED screen in the center position or on the facade of your store or mall can be seen from a long distance and easily catch the eyes of the passers-by, who would be your potential customers saw the advertising that makes them visit your store.

The content of the screen is interchangeable, so that a screen can both function as an info screen and be used for advertising.


An indoor LED poster would be a smart digital poster hanging behind your store windows or stand on floor before your store front to replace the tranditional printed out poster to show vivid and timely store events or new products.

An outdoor LED poster would be a digital sign in which an LED screen is built into a discreet but solid metal construction. An LED poster in the pedestrian zone or next to the main road as a street sign can show current offers and advertise your business.

LED digital poster in main entrance or parking lot of your store or shopping mall can both help customers to get necessary information and show video ads for the stores.


You imagine, we make it to real. With No Limitations, but limitless possibilities. Over 10years in the LED display industrial, and finish a mass of projects, we have accumulated the people, craftsmanship, technology and experience to develop, manage and deliver every aspect of your creatvie and personalized thougt on LED display project into reality.

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