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Standalone Indoor LED Poster Screen

  • LED Digital Poster

Multi functional LED Poster

Indoor/Outdoor GOB LED Poster Display

Standalone Items LED Poster Screen

USB Standalone Indoor LED Poster Screen

Model No. HKIP-P1.875/P2/P2.5
Pitch 1.875mm/2mm/2.5mm
Physical density 160000Pixels/㎡
Module size 240x240mm
Poster Resolution 256*1024/240*960/192*768
LED type SMD1010/SMD 1515/SMD2121
Drive mode  Standalone/Wifi
Refresh Frequency 3840Hz/3840Hz/1920Hz
Width 480mm
Height 1920mm
Depth 11mm
Cabinet colour Black
Update method USB/PC/Mobilephone/Cloud Control

Multi functional LED Poster

Multi-function LED Poster Display

Multi-function led poster, ultra-thin body, random splicing, real-time advertising can be released via mobile app, PC and cloud, real-time advertising monitoring.
Use occasions:
Advertising and marketing campaign information release
Urgent information, instant message display
Supermarket shopping guide, guidance instructions
Shopping plaza, conference room, bus station, restaurant and restaurant

GOB Indoor / Outdoor Poster LED Screen

GOB LED Poster Display

The new indoor/outdoor GOB (glue on board) frameless advertising machine hastrict epoxy resin packaging process to make the screen smooth and anti-collisioFashionable and simple aluminum frame, match with car paint, make the whoscreen more beautiful;With built-in control chip, plug and play, it can be controlby multiple platforms, or the cloud broadcast control platform can control tunified play of multiple screens after WiFi connection.

LED  Poster  Display

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