LED Ticker Display

LED tickers are a great way to display all kinds of information, it typically shows a line of text, numbers, or graphics scrolling past the viewer.  An LED ticker display in classic look with scrolling contents at a rate that is comfortably read by the viewer are creatively used in modern time, you can see it as stock prices, latest news, sports news, and now more and more in commercial stores with a crowd draw the most attention.

There are many different LED tickers, including transparent, fixed and flexible and we can custom build the tickers in many shapes, like vertial, elliptical, oval, circular ticker,  ticker display in spiral band, with angles and various heights. The LED ticker display can be made with single-side or dual-side screen, and we also provide indoor LED ticker and outdoor LED ticker.

Custom LED Tickers

Custom built LED tickers, which can incorporate curves, circular, vertical, corner, flexible ticker tape in various heights and with single-side or dual-side screen displays. The full color scrolling content LED Ticker Tapes are the perfect way to attract peoples attention and deliver your important messages.

Circular or curved LED tickers utilizing flexible LED display modules that can adhere to almost any curvature creating seamless, scrolling text that makes veryone will be able to see the digital words or images spinning in the canvas.

We can custom-make the circular LED ticker in various height and diameter according your request.

Circular Ticker Display

We do customize the outer circular LED ticker display to with custom radius, custom circumference as per your need. The circular LED Tickers are used flexible LED module panels to make, with various pixel pitch options, like P1.875, P2, P2.5, P3, P4, P5, and module height in (mm) 240×120, 256×128, 320×160. The P2mm 256x128mm LED panels,  you can make a ticker with one module in height 128mm, or two modules in height 256mm,  and by mulitple the modules we can get a circular ticker in different height and diameter.

Sports LED Ticker Display

When design the LED tickers, where to use, how to install, and how to transport should be considered as well.  For a large ticker, it will be made in divided sections, and ship as separate screen cabinet units, and be combined and installed at site. And according to the installation method, it is necessary to reserve fixed holes or components when designing the display cabinet.

Curved LED Ticker Display

The LED Ticker display box will be marked with the sequence. After receiving them, you only need to assemble the boxes in sequence, power on and set the display screen through the software (usually we will pre-setting and provide the configuration file), then upload and play the contents through the playback software.

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