Outdoor Digital LED Video Wall

The high brightness outdoor LED display screens have an IP65 waterproof rating which are built to withstand all weather conditions. The outdoor LED Screens are widely used by Shopping malls, Business & corporations, Public institutions. It’s obvious that broadcasting advertising on outdoor screens is much more effective than traditional advertising printed media (newspapers, static boards,etc).

To Select Proper Pixel Pitch for LED Advertising Outdoor Screens

The outdoor advertising LED display screen usually is seem on building facade, rooftop, by streetside/roadside, or public plaza. Those large outdoor display LED screens bring great benefits to brands that develop their exploitation through advertising. To line up the profit,  to get clear and vivid, high quality display effect is the first point that should consider for outdoor waterproof LED screen.

The high resolution of the outdoor display LED will produce high quality images or videos, the smaller pixel pitch, the higher resolution. But the more pixels, the cost would exceed the budget. Pixel pitch, along with display size, relates directly to the image resolution of a display. So we need to select the proper pixel pitch according to the screen sizes, viewing distance and installation height.

Minimum Visual distance of LED Screen (the distance at which a smooth image can be displayed)

Minimum Visual distance of LED Screen = pixel pitch (mm)×1000.

Optimal Visual distance of LED Screen (the distance at which the viewer can see a highly clear picture)

Optimal Visual distance of LED Screen = pixel pitch (mm)×1000~pixel pitch (mm)×3000.

Furthest Visual distance of LED Screen:

Furthest Visual distance of LED Screen = LED screen height (m) × 30 (times).

Note: If the big LED screen outdoor is installed in a high place, the view distance is farther, P5, P6, P8, P10 are available.

If the viewing distance is closer,  when the is floor standing, audience can get closer to the screen, could consider P4, P5, P6

In this outdoor floor sitting outdoor LED display project (the left), P5 is used.

Cabinet Type and Steel Structure of LED Outdoor Display Screen

The advertising outdoor screens with outdoor LED panels that for outdoor advertising need to be weatherproof and rainproof. According to the installation position and mounting ways, the cabinets for outdoor led screen panels could be different.

Wall Mounted : The exterior LED display is fixed on wall, by making simple steel frame fixing on wall for hanging and fixing the led panel screen outdoor, so close to wall without too much space left behind, in this case, need to use front accessible waterproof LED modules or front accessisble waterproof LED display cabinets.  If there is enough room, the steel structure can be made with 50-80cm space, so allow one person and go behind for maintenance, then the outdoor display screens can use regular rear accessible cabinets and regular LED panels.

Floor Standing Mounted : The outdoor LED advertising display standing on floor can select the cabinets and make the steel structure according to how you like it to be look. If it sits on the floor, and passersby can easily approach the screens (like in case shown), need consider to cover the whole back of the big LED display, to stop people get close. If that need to left enough space for the maintenance staff come inside. And again need to wrap the edge of the display to protect water flow inside directly. If the outdoor display screens are fixed on pillar outside, far away from the floor, then can left the back open, which is also good for heat dissipation.

How to make LED advertising display,  it varied in different cases. There is no best display for outdoor use but the most appropriate big LED screen outdoor.

Remotely Control the LED Display Screen for Advertising Outdoor

Once the outdoor digital LED display are placed in the field, on a roof or building, we need to send the contents in order to start broadcasting.  As the screens are far away outside, how to manage the LED displays remotely would be the most appropriate control way.

We can choose to use the clould base LED dispplay control system, which allow you can start, send and upload your ads to the outside LED billboard via APP from your office,  without worrying about how far away it has been installed.

You can control the playback of the LED display panel outdoor from your phone or any other digital device. You can also see what’s playing on your outdoor LED display in real time and check if it’s working properly to make sure it’s always working.

Outdoor LED Displays Meet the Need

Two important and also the must two features that one outdoor LED advertising display must to meet :

a. First, a LED display screen outdoor must withstand any environmental condition (rain, heat, snow, wind, etc.) It need to be waterproof at first, the univeral IP65 rated LED outdoor display works for most of the cases. While some need to configure with additional device, like air-conditionor, or enhanced on certain materials to upgrade it’s protective features.

For example, for middle east installation with high temp, and big temperature difference between day and night, the LED modules need make with aluminum face mask for better heat ventilation, drivers need to use anti high temperature power supply.

b. And the outdoor led displays must be seem clearly in the daylight time, even with sunshine project on, so it requires the outdoor advertising LED display brightness high enough, from 4500cd/sqm, 5000cd/sqm, 5500cd/sqm, 6000cd/sqm to 7000cd/sqm, satisfy for all installation area and different scenario.

The giant LED screen now is quite mature product, the large outdoor led screen price allows a widely use led display screen for advertising outdoor.

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