Large Outdoor Digital LED Display Billboard

LED displays definitly the new generation to communicate and offer information.
The LED Billboards are used to play dynamic content immediately, both video and photographs, and can be combined with other resources, such as 3D claims, for example.
They bring great benefits to companies that develop their exploitation through advertising.
It can be made in large size screens and with great brightness, so the information display on the outdoor LED screen, can be viewed from far away and even in daylight time.

The  Large LED Billboards Advantages:
High visual impact
Great luminosity
High profitability
Large Format

The Pixel Pitch

To choose the proper LED Display Screen for the outdoor large size billboard screen, there are many factors that to consider.
The first thing is to decide the pixel pitch of the LED display according to the budget and the real installtion position for the Outdoor LED Display.
For pixel pitch, from P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, P10 to P15, P30, P50 and etc. The smaller pixels, the screen cost more, and higher resolution. But for tall building facade, a reasonable big pixel pitch would be eough to reach the view effect for the target public.

In this shopping mall project, the outdoor advertising LED display screen area in 60 sq. meters (10 Meters by 6Meters tall), outdoor P6 is choosen.

Front/Rear Maintence LED Screen Cabinet

For outdoor LED displays installed against the wall or outside the building, it is necessary to consider whether the follow-up maintenance is performed from the front or the back. If maintenance is performed from the rear, a maintenance channel needs to be reserved. The LED display box can be selected, and the rear maintenance box (open the box from the back for inspection and maintenance). For front maintenance, usually the module can be removed from the box from the front.

Generally, the LED outdoor display screen at a high place can choose the post-maintenance method under certain conditions. And when making steel structures, reserve at least 50cm of space for maintenance personnel to pass through.

Ventilation and Heating

When installing an outdoor LED display, you also need to consider the local weather conditions. The local minimum temperature and maximum temperature, and the temperature difference between day and night.

The general LED display can work normally at -25 degrees to +40 degrees, if the temperature is too high, and the direct sunlight time is relatively long, the outdoor LED display needs to be equipped with an additional air conditioner , in order to assist the display to dissipate heat and cool down in extremely hot weather, and maintain normal working temperature in extremely cold weather.

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