New Generation Magic Cube LED Display Screen for Store Sign & Logo for Shop Windows Advertising

When a store consider a store front advertising screen, there are many options:

a.  Stretched bar LED/LCD screen

b. A floor-standing LED poster

c. 3D hologram fan LED display

Those are regular Advertising LED display screens that always can think of to use. But there are also some new and cool LED display screen products that develop to give more novel experience , with extreme effects and more user friendly.

Compare to the regular stretched bar screen, the Magic Cube LED display with multi-faces is able to attract audience came from all directions, you will miss no one.  A LED floor-standing LED poster takes some space to exhibit which is not fit for small stores. The 3D hologram fan LED display is a good product, but the 3D content takes some money to make, not fit for the one with budget constraints


LED Cube Display Screen with Variant Dimensions

It can be used one unit as store front logo presentation or several small and big cubes in different sizes to create a cluster to create a more attractive effect in a product or event presentation.

320x320x320(mm), P2.5 indoor, P2.5 outdoor

384x384x384(mm), P3 indoor, P3 outdoor

500x500x500(mm), P3.91 outdoor

512x512x512(mm), P4 indoor

Indoor and Outdoor Models available for Different Occasion

User Friendly, plug and play

With self-developed APP, the Magic Cube LED Screen can be remote controlled by Smart Phone (both Android and IOS compatible).One device can control one Magic Cube LED Display or Many pieces.

Flexible installation methods

The cube LED display supports standing installation, hanging installation, and wall-mounted installation.

It is usually used in shopping malls, retail stores, airports, exhibitions, museums, etc., which proves 3D visual performance for both effects and dynamic video displays.