sClear Indoor Transparent LED display, High Transparency, High Brightness, Lightweight and Easy Installation.


* Cabinets size option: 1000×1000, 1000×500, 500×500 (mm)

* Cabinets finish color option: black or silver

* 82% transparent rate (with side-emitting LEDs design)

* Up to 5500cd/m² brightness which is fit for dry location use but need high brightness

* Suspending or Floor-standing, or wall fixed installation (need different mounting hardware, need to purchase separately)

Indoor transparent LED display using side-emitting LEDs

The sClear series indoor transparent LED display using the side-emitting SMD3510LEDs, reach up to a 82% transparency and brightness up to 5500 cd/m², provides a more perfect large LED advertising screen display for the glass window of the store that face toward the street and disclose in direct sunlight, which is able to be seen during daylight time.
The indoor transparent LED display eliminates the heavy weight of the cabinet and makes it lighter.
Indoor transparent LED display brightness can reach ≥5000nits, higher brightness, clearer picture effect, easier to grasp the attention of consumers. Provides amazing mixed sights of what on digital screen and the background being seen to.
* Flat  Mesh style
* Slim thickness
* High transparency
* Side mount LEDs
* Non-Flexible