aSClear (side-emitting, frameless) Transparent LED Display Glass LED Display with frameless designed module, the back power and controlling card box is at the edge of the screen cabinet unit, when combine and sync into big transparent video wall, less obvious frame, looks much more elegant and luxurious.

aSClear Series Frameless Side-emitting Transparent Glass LED Display

The birth of tri-proof Transparent LED Display is due to a revolutionary innovation of ordinary Transparency LED Screen.
Throughout the use process, we found the common Transparent LED Screen, which is easy to install and free to combine, and also provide high brightness, but the power and controlling card box are always in the middle of the clear screen unit. When combine into a video wall,  especially for a small screen after the store French Windows, it looks not so good. More and more high-end fashion store or jewelry store ask for frameless screen looks like a one piece.

At this background, the frameless transparent LED display screen unit is designed jut fit this need. The power and controlling card box is designed at the side of the screen unit.