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The Difference Between LED And LCD Displays

With the rise of high definition displays in the past decade, a lot of new terms entered the consumer market. While heavily promoted in advertisements and marketing materials, the meaning of these words often gets lost or confused. If you’ve looked into displays, you’ve probably seen the acronyms “LCD” or “LED” used. But what does […]


The New Era Of LED Display Marketing

The mainstay of any business in the 21st century lies on how well they mesmerize their brand in the minds of customers. For this marketer are involved in various techniques including commercials, advertisements and other promotional activities. But, LED displays have taken a boom recently, becoming the best solution to attract customer attention. LED display […]

The Benefits Of Digital Outdoor Advertising

These days consumers are exterminating in-home ads like household pests. As advertising technology grows more sophisticated, so does ad-blocking capabilities, squashing ads like bugs on television and mobile devices. How do advertisers get their brand in front of consumer eyes? Meet Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising. Digital signage ads equipped with targeting, interactive and native capabilities that […]